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Where creativity delivers results.

I have been designing and developing websites for over 12 years. With a Bachelor in Multimedia and great expertise in matters of web design, web development and SEO, my experience has seen me develop effective online marketing solutions for both international corporations and small web development entities.

Outside of music, I have significant experience in design work across a diverse range of industries, from adult entertainment through to corporate and travel. Though these industries vary, I understand that the fundamental key to any successful online marketing strategy is identifying the right audience and engaging them with apt design and usability.

Meloque was estabished in 2004 for the purpose of assisting up-and-coming musicians and producers in getting their name out there. This vision was driven by my personal passion for the industry and an ambition to see those artists succeed. This commitment and appetite for success is something I apply to the work I do for each and every one of my clients, no matter what business they're in.

I make it my priority to learn as much I can about each individual client and their audiences and pride myself on my ability to develop productive working relationships and exceed my clients' expectations.

At the end of the day, it's all about defining clear goals and executing original, functional and successful online marketing strategies to make your vision a reality.

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